10. DBS / 1. EBS 2017

Potsdam University, Campus Griebnitzsee Germany, March 20-23, 2017

Young researchers at the beginning of their career are invited to present their most recent results from the front end of research. Seniors will give introductions on special advanced aspects of biosensor research and technology. Some keynotes will present high end research and show the directions of current trends. Selected presentations on applications and industrial success will round up the comprehensive picture of the state of biosensor r&d in Europe.

The German Biosensors Symposium is a bi-annual event, first held 1999 in Munich. After 2001 in Potsdam it was held in several locations, the hot spots of Biosensor research in Germany.

The Symposium not only draws attention to young scientists to make their first steps in their academic career but also attract seniors and companies to learn about the most recent trends, but also to see who are the drivers of the development.

The Symposium will cover all topics of biosensor research and focus on



The conference is organized by the UP Transfer GmbH.

UP Transfer GmbH
an der Universität Potsdam

Ansprechpartner: Silke Ruß

Am Neuen Palais 10
14469 Potsdam

Telefon:  +49 331 977-1581
E-Mail:     info@up-transfer.de

The Local Scientific Committee


Prof. Frank Bier
University Potsdam and Fraunhofer Branch
Bioanalysis and Bioprocesses, IZI-BB

14476 Potsdam, Germany 

Email frank.bier@izi-bb.fraunhofer.de


Prof. Dr. Ulla Wollenberger 
University Potsdam
Institute of Biochemistry and Biology

14476 Potsdam, Germany 

Email: uwollen@uni-potsdam.de

Dr. Carsten Hille 
University of Potsdam
Institute of Chemistry
Junior Research Group "Applied Laser Sensing in Complex Biosystems - ALSComBi" 

14476 Potsdam

Email: hille@uni-potsdam.de

Prof. Dr. Fred Lisdat 
Technical University Wildau
Institute of Applied Life Sciences
Biosystems Technology

15745 Wildau

Email: flisdat@th-wildau.de

Prof. Dr. Frieder Scheller
University of Potsdam
Institute of Biochemistry and Biology

14476 Potsdam

Email: fschell@uni-potsdam.de 

Bachmann, Till T. - Edinburgh

Beckmann, Dieter - Heiligenstadt

Baumner, Antje - Regensburg

Bier, Frank - Potsdam

Cosnier, Serge - Grenoble

Emneus, Jenny - Lyngby

Gauglitz, Günter - Tübingen

Girault, Hubert - Lausanne

Hille, Carsten - Potsdam

Kranz, Christine - Ulm

Kurochkin, Ilja - Moscow

Lechuga, Laura

Lisdat, Fred - Wildau

Luppa, Peter - München

Minunni, Maria - Firenze

Niessner, Reinhard

Plumere, Nicolas - Bochum

Popp, Jürgen - Jena

Preininger, Claudia - Wien

Rant, Ulrich - München

Resch Genger, Ute - Berlin

Scheller, Frieder W. - Potsdam

Skladal, Petr - Brno

Steinwand, Michael - Owingen

Urban, Gerald - Freiburg

Wegener, Joachim - Regensburg

Wollenberger, Ulla - Potsdam

The history of this conference

Please visit the archived Websites in order to learn about the past conferences.